We are delighted to be able to announced the formation of the Cleft Multidisciplinary Collaborative .

As you may know Collaboratives in other surgical domains have delivered high quality, multi-centre research.

The benefits of Trainee Research Collaboratives include:

- participation in robust, multi-centre research
- projects managed and co-ordinated by experienced researchers
all contributors are joint authors who are PubMed searchable in any publications
- production of tangible and meaningful results

We feel that cleft is an area which is extremely well suited to such a research collaborative and have a number of several exciting projects proposed.

Initially, we aim to prove that the concept of a Cleft Multidisciplinary Collaborative works by assisting the Cleft Collective in establishing baseline phenotypes. This work will be supported and nested within the Cleft Collective, a project led by Professors Jonathan Sandy and Nicky Rumsey with a team of researchers and support staff. If we succeed it will result in a very rapid publication.

The Cleft Multidisciplinary Collaborative is open to all members of the cleft MDT (plastic surgery, OMFS, dentistry, orthodontics, SLT, psychology, nursing, genetics, ENT….) who are interested in cleft research. We strongly believe we can deliver high quality research in an efficient and effective manner.

If you are interested then please contact the team at:

Twitter: @cleft_collab