Dr Gunnilla Henningsson

Dr Gunnilla Henningsson is one of the foremost European speech pathologists, having made an excellent contribution to speech research in cleft lip and palate/velopharyngeal insufficiency, in so doing restablishing the role of speech pathology in the team.

She gained her PhD from the Karolinska Institute in 1988, where she is now Associate Professor. This has greatly contributed to the understanding of velopharyngeal insufficiency and the impact on this of tonsils, fistulae and glottal articulation. She has also been interested in the early intervention of babble patterns of infants born with cleft lip and palate.

She has published book chapters and more than twenty papers in English, many in the "Cleft Palate Journal". She is a member of the Eurocleft Speech Group, in which she is developing a particular interest in cross-linguistic analysis of cleft palate speech. Dr Henningsson has a sound knowledge of research methodology, and is committed to furthering speech pathology in the future.


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