Healing Foundation Poster Prize Winners

Dr Danielle Dummett receiving poster prize 2015

Dr Danielle Dummett receiving poster prize 2015


  • 2018 Visualising Speech: Identification of Atypical Tongue-Shape Patterns in the Speech of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate Using Ultrasound Technology Susie Lloyd, Joanne Cleland, Lisa Crampin, Linsay Campbell, Natalia Zharkova, Pertti Palo

  • 2016 Deletion of TBX1 is not responsible for facial dysmorphology in patients with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. J Roosenboom, W Demaerel, M Breuls, E Appermont, P Claes, P Hammond, H Peeters, K Devriendt, G Hens

  • 2015 Does psychological therapy improve psychosocial outcomes in patients within the South Wales cleft service? Dr Danielle Dummett, Dr Vanessa Hammond, Brian O’ Ceallaigh, Dr Katy Bowen

  • 2014 An investigation of the use of a modified wax bite as an alternative to dental impressions in recording occlusal relationships in 5 year olds. Jon Hammond, Davies M & McNeil A

  • 2013 Adaptation of the “Therapy Outcome Measure” (TOM) for use with untreated cleft lip and palate in the developing world: Environmental and Cultural issues Joanna Rees

  • 2012 A novel patient controlled bi-directional palatal lift appliance Louise Green, Kevin Wilson, Grant McIntyre, Jan Wilson, Felicity Mehendale

  • 2011 A national Survey of Cleft Training among Orthodontic FTTAs. Mairead Hayes, Hemendranath Shah


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