Healing Foundation Poster Prize Winners

Dr Danielle Dummett receiving poster prize 2015

Dr Danielle Dummett receiving poster prize 2015


  • 2019 Improving the Reliability of Phonetic Transcription in Cleft Lip and Palate Using Ultrasound Tongue Imaging Joanne Cleland, Susan Lloyd, Lisa Crampin, Linsay Campbell, Eleanor Sugden, Natalia Zharkova and Pertti Palo

  • 2018 Visualising Speech: Identification of Atypical Tongue-Shape Patterns in the Speech of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate Using Ultrasound Technology Susie Lloyd, Joanne Cleland, Lisa Crampin, Linsay Campbell, Natalia Zharkova, Pertti Palo

  • 2016 Deletion of TBX1 is not responsible for facial dysmorphology in patients with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. J Roosenboom, W Demaerel, M Breuls, E Appermont, P Claes, P Hammond, H Peeters, K Devriendt, G Hens

  • 2015 Does psychological therapy improve psychosocial outcomes in patients within the South Wales cleft service? Dr Danielle Dummett, Dr Vanessa Hammond, Brian O’ Ceallaigh, Dr Katy Bowen

  • 2014 An investigation of the use of a modified wax bite as an alternative to dental impressions in recording occlusal relationships in 5 year olds. Jon Hammond, Davies M & McNeil A

  • 2013 Adaptation of the “Therapy Outcome Measure” (TOM) for use with untreated cleft lip and palate in the developing world: Environmental and Cultural issues Joanna Rees

  • 2012 A novel patient controlled bi-directional palatal lift appliance Louise Green, Kevin Wilson, Grant McIntyre, Jan Wilson, Felicity Mehendale

  • 2011 A national Survey of Cleft Training among Orthodontic FTTAs. Mairead Hayes, Hemendranath Shah


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