Mr F Brian Christie

Mr F Brian Christie. His first Consultant Orthodontic post was at Glasgow Dental Hospital in 1972. He was appointed to run the cleft palate unit from the Dental Hospital, but with clinics at both the Plastic Surgery Unit, Canniesburn and the Royal Hospital For Sick Children. His main interest was to develop Presurgical Oral Orthopoedics, which had been pioneered by Kerr McNeil, his predecessor. Initially, he was very enthusiastic about this Programme, but latterly questioned its real merits.

He moved to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Wycombe Hospital in 1975. This was a new appointment with the remit to provide a Consultant orthodontic service to the county of Buckinghamshire. An important part of this was the cleft palate service where a programme of Neonatal Primary Surgery was being pioneered at Stoke Mandeville. This appointment offered a broader scope to practice the full range of Orthodontics and he was much impressed by the pioneering cleft palate programme, which appeared to offer potentially the best solution. The results of this work were widely published.

He also published papers and books where he contributed chapters to:
Surgery in Infancy and Childhood, Dennison, 3rd edition;
Face, Mouth and Jaws, F B Christie and J C Mustarde (Churchill Livingstone - 1974);
Plastic Surgery in Infancy and Childhood, Mustarde and Jackson, Chapter 2;
Orthodontics in Cleft Lip and Palate, F B Christie (Churchill Livingstone - 1988);
Neonatal Surgery of the Cleft Lip and Palate, Desai - Chapter 4;
Orthodontic Management, F B Christie (World Scientific - 1997).


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