President's Prize Winners


Effective April 2011, the Society is pleased to introduce the award of the President's Prize that consists of a medal and cash prize of £100. It is eligible to members of the Society for a verbal presentation at the CFSGBI annual conference which is considered to have made a significant clinical contribution to cleft lip and palate care.

Jasmine Roosenboom receiving President's Prize 2015

Jasmine Roosenboom receiving President's Prize 2015


  • 2019 Nasal speech valve for patients with Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI): An early evaluation 

    Imogen Underwood, Louise Cafferky, Holly Peryer, Claire McCullagh, Bruce Richard, Rona Slator, Khurram Khan, Samantha Bunn, Hillary Beswick, Lars Enocson

  • 2018 The impact of hearing on speech outcomes in 5 year old children with Cleft Palate +/- Cleft Lip

    Beth Fitzpatrick, Channa Panagamuwa, Beth Grunfield, Leora Moss-Levi, Tanya Rihtman

  • 2016 Use of the Sphenoid Flap in the Repair of the Wide Cleft Palate: A Multi-Centre Study. Khan K, Hardwicke J, Morris P, Thorburn G, Kangesu L, Swan M, Richard B

  • 2015 Facial characteristics and olfactory dysfunction: two endophenotypes related to non-syndromic cleft lip and/or palate. Roosenboom J, Saey I, Peeters H, Devriendt K, Claes P, Hens G

  • 2014 A cross-sectional self report questionnaire study measuring the effect of primary cleft repair on parental bonding in children born with cleft lip and/or palate. Laura Wharton, A Zeffert, S Burton, F Franks, L Minerviro, H Swain, T Ahmad, JD Kiff

  • 2013 Comparing methodologies in a series of speech outcome studies: challenges and lessons learned. Rebecka Ahl & Anne Harding-Bell

  • 2012 Conservative’ radical muscle dissection: A new approach in cleft palate repair to allow better visualisation and preservation of palate anatomy whilst revealing new anatomical structures. Mark McKelvie

  • 2011 Psychosocial issues in cleft lip and palate. Nicola Stock


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