Co-opted council member of Craniofacial Society GBI

  • The Co-opted member represents a particular specialist group and exists to ensure representative balance on Council. 
  • They should be a current member of the Craniofacial Society for Great Britain and Ireland
  • The relevant specialist CEN membership should propose the individual to the council for the position.
  • In the case of more than one nominee for the post, the CEN membership for the specific speciality should vote and propose the nominee with the most votes. 
  • The Craniofacial Council accept or refuse the proposed candidate. If they refuse they will need to state their reasons for this.   
  • The Co-opted member will serve a maximum term of office for 4 years. This may be reduced should the position of president elect be taken by a member of the same speciality. 
  • The Co-opted member can put themselves forward for the position of president elect and extend their term of office but there is no expectation that this will happen.