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Patients & Families

Welcome to the area for Patients and Families

A cleft or craniofacial condition is present at birth but health professionals provide care, support and adivce all the way into adulthood. Interacting with healthcare professionals can be daunting for patients and families because of the large team involved and the complexities of the staged treatment pathways.

The CFSGBI is the organisation representing multidisciplinary healthcare professionals who have specialised in the care of patients born with cleft and craniofacial conditions in Great Britain and Ireland.

This area of the CFSGBI website for Patients and Families provides information and links to organisations that can provide support. We aim to help you to understand the set-up of cleft and craniofacial services by helping you to view the geographical location of the hospital units, virtually meet the team of professionals and a glossary to demystify the medical terms in common use. 

Rachel and Lukas



Find out about these paintings and their artist...

I am Katie Manning, an artist, creative and coach. I am currently working on 100 Cleft Portraits to raise the profile of Cleft and the journey we embark on when we have a child born with a cleft. For me, it has been the most challenging and empowering journey of parenthood and it began shortly after our 20 weeks scan.

My personal life, learning and understanding combined with my ambitious creative energy and drive to support and guide others has dovetailed into a unique creative project and beautiful community where I share my experiences and learnings over the last 15 years as the parent of a beautiful girl born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

It is my aim to build a legacy which empowers the cleft community and educates the global population about all things cleft. It does not define nor discriminate,  but it does impact the path of those who encounter it and the journey needs to be understood and respected.

You can find us here or on instagram @thecleftwarriorwoman or my website.