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Paediatric Dentist

Consultant Paediatric dentist

“I am a dentist who specialises in looking after children and teenager’s teeth, I am here to help keep your baby and adult teeth healthy and carry out any specialist treatment you may need”


As soon as a baby develops their teeth, they should start brushing them to prevent any tooth decay. Even though all patients are seen by their regular dentist they also see a paediatric dentist during the cleft team appointments so that they can spot any common problems seen in the teeth of children with a cleft.

Often, when it comes to managing tooth decay in the baby teeth, the most important messages given to patients are on how to prevent these problems happening to adult teeth.

Occasionally teeth that come through the line of the cleft do not develop properly and will need joint management between the three dental specialties on the cleft team.

The paediatric dentist will plan with the orthodontist what treatment is required if teeth are missing or poorly formed and will then replace missing teeth and restore the misshapen teeth if needed.

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