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Restorative Dentist

Consultant Restorative Dentist

“I am a special dentist who plans for treatment to adult teeth. I often work with the Orthodontist and Cleft surgeon to decide on how to replace or reshape teeth.”


The Restorative Dentist is a specialist, trained in the management of missing teeth, abnormally shaped teeth and making dentures for patients to aid their function and aesthetics.

Their role is often in combination with the Orthodontist and Cleft Surgeons to plan for an ideal outcome for patients. It is important to plan very carefully for the replacement of missing teeth to allow for a patient’s treatment to happen in a more efficient manner. They also work with the Cleft Surgeon and Speech & Language team to provide removable appliances that in some cases can improve speech

Often their treatment can’t take place until a patient has completed their orthodontic treatment and are wearing their retainers well.

Where simple treatment, not related to the cleft of the palate or jaw, is required it may be under the direction of the restorative dentist but be completed by the patient’s own local dentist. It is essential all patients regardless of their age have their own local general dentist to carry out their routine dentistry. 


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