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Cleft Nurse Specialist

Cleft Nurse Specialist

“I am one of the first people to meet a baby born with a cleft and their family. My job is to help and advise families on how to care for their new baby born with a cleft and to support them as they prepare for their first surgery”


After a diagnosis of an orofacial cleft, parents will have contact with one of the cleft clinical nurse specialists, with their aim to answer parents’ questions, provide support and to arrange any necessary referrals.

If a baby is diagnosed antenatally the cleft nurse will be in contact prior to the birth to offer support and develop a feeding plan for the baby.

Following the birth, the cleft nurse assesses the baby’s feeding skills which enables them to support parents feeding their baby.  They will monitor the baby’s growth and provide necessary support and information for parents before meeting the whole cleft team.

Cleft nurse specialists are assigned to regional cleft teams and usually work in geographical areas.  They are then able to follow up the babies, monitoring their feeding, growth and development as they prepare for their first surgery.   They work closely with midwives and health visitors.  The cleft nurse also provide continued support both before and after surgery.


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